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Feed Your Parts. Feed the Future.

Torng Lih is a vibratory feeders manufacturer and designer in Taiwan. We supply highly-customized vibratory feeders, including bowl feeders, linear feeders, hoppers, etc. Our feeders can handle parts or components of products from various industries, such as electronics, medical, food & beverage, plastics, etc.

童立專職於圓盤 / 直進震動送料機設計製造,為客戶提供高度客製化的震動送料機台,輸送來自電子、醫療、食品、塑膠等業客戶的產品元件。

More than 30 years of Experience.

Est. in 1988 in Taiwan Taoyuan, Torng Lih is dedicated to providing durable and reliable vibratory feeders. Our mission is to become an irreplaceable and indispensable part of our customer's production line.

童立成立於 1988 年,擁有超過 30 年的震動送料機設計製造經驗,客戶遍布台灣、中國大陸、德國、美國、日本及東南亞等地,我們自許成為客戶生產線上不可或缺的一臂之力。

High Quality. Cost Effective.

Our vibratory feeders are designed for feeding parts or components of capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes, fuses, terminal blocks, medical disposable products, food & beverage products, …… etc.


Bring Your Parts. Bring Back Satisfaction.

Once Our Customer, Always Our Customer ! Our experienced engineers will find out the best solution for your parts feeding that is satisfying both in performance and cost.


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Torng Lih Co., Ltd. 童立有限公司

No. 86, Gong 5th Rd., Longtan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

台灣桃園市龍潭區工五路 86 號

TEL : +886 3 489 4345

FAX : +886 3 499 1293

E-mail : tol-post@torng-lih.com.tw

Web : www.torng-lih.com.tw

FB : https://www.facebook.com/TorngLihFeeder/





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