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tol Vibratory Feeders for Medical DISPOSABLEs

Torng Lih’s vibratory feeders for medical disposables feed and orient parts of needle-free injection devices, roller clamps, 3-way stopcocks, T-connectors, protection caps, adapters, spikes, etc. Our skilled engineers and technicians design the tracks according to the parts' physical characteristics, orient the parts through blades and bars, and carry out smooth and consistent feeding by dual- or multi-track exit.

For Cap with Air-filter

Needle Free Injection Port

Burette Upper Lid

For Burette Flow Valve

For Drip Spike

For Latex Bulb

For T-connector

For T-connector Rubber Stopper

For T-connector Rubber Stopper Cap

For Medical Stopcock

For Male Luer Slip

For Male Luer Slip

For Syringe Needle Protector

For Burette Lower Lid with Drip Chamber

( linear feeder )

For Y-injection Site