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Vibratory feeders feed and orient parts or components of products from various industries, such as electronics, medical & hygiene, food & beverage, FMCG, automotive, cosmetics, package, metalworking, glass, foundry, pulp and paper, recycling, plastics ...... almost every industry has a need for vibratory feeders. When you have robotic arms on your production lines, still you might have problems of low capacity due to lack of collaborative conveying system. If that happens, a bespoke vibratory feeder is your robotic arm's right-hand man. If you are still assessing the need of using robotic arms on your production, sometimes a bespoke vibratory feeder helps you more than that programmable hand.

A vibratory feeder's bowl is highly customized, collaborated with extended linear tracks if necessary, and driven upon a drive unit by a voltage regulator. Well-designed vibratory feeders can carefully and accurately deliver parts to the production line, assisting the efficient output. When installed with photoelectric / fiber optic sensors or CCD cameras, feeders can automatically start or stop feeding, carrying out more difficult sorting, orienting, detection and inspection.

Torng Lih is an expert in vibratory feeder design and manufacture for more than 30 years. We deliver smooth, consistent, durable and cost-effective vibratory feeders to meet our customers' particular needs. Our feeders have outstanding performance in parts orientation. The feeding speed is consistent and adjust-friendly with no harm done to the parts.

To play an irreplaceable and indispensable part in our customer’s production line: this is what we are.

高 度 客 製 化,輸 送 穩 順 低 噪 、 耐 用 值 信

原 汁 原 味 的 獨 創 工 藝 物 超 所 值 的 生 產 選 擇

震動送料機是生產線上零組件整列定向的最佳利器,更是協助機械手臂輕鬆抓取的最佳助手 ,是諸多工業生產線不可或缺的自動輸送裝置。舉凡電子、醫療衛生、食品飲料、快速消費品(FMCG)、汽車、化妝品、包裝、金屬加工、玻璃、鑄造、製漿造紙、塑膠、回收等產業,幾乎足以說各種工業都有震動送料機的需求。如果您的生產線上已有機械手臂,卻仍然有產能低落的問題,有可能您需要具備定向整列零組件性能的震動送料機協助手臂更順利抓取料件。如果您仍在評估是否要在生產線上使用機械手臂,有時候一台客製化的震動送料機能夠表現得比手臂更佳、有更高的 CP 值。

震動送料機由一高度客製化圓狀盤面負責料件輸送,必要時搭配直線送料機(平送,伸長型直線軌道)補足出料長度及出料穩定度。機台透過變頻控制器驅動底座以運作,藉由控制器調節料件輸送速度。整合於送料機台的光電、光纖感測器或 CCD 攝影機,能夠執行滿料控制、選別及檢測等重要功能,協助完成產線工作站的特定任務,達成高速高效產出的目標。

童立的震動送料機具有良好的定向整列性能,能夠協助提高生產效率, 送料表現穩定、送料速度容易調控,且不易造成料件損傷 。童立以 30 餘年的經驗及技術,致力為客戶設計製造出最適合料件輸送的送料機台,以達穩順、低噪、耐用且符合成本效益的優勢。