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Vibratory Feeders for Medical Products

醫 療 用 品 震 動 送 料 機

Torng Lih’s vibratory feeders for medical products feed and orient parts of needle-free injection devices, roller clamps, 3-way stopcocks, T-connectors, protection caps, adapters, spikes, etc. Our experienced engineers and technicians design the tracks according to the parts' physical characteristics, orient the parts through blades and bars, carrying out smooth and consistent feeding by dual- or multi-track exit.

童立的醫療用品震動送料機所送之料包括免針、滑輪槽、三方活栓、T - 連接器、保護蓋、針基、插入針 …… 等,技師們針對料件的物理特性設計軌道,透過刮板及圓棒導正並旋轉料件,再以吊掛方式出料,以達穩順送料的目標。

For Cap with Air-filter

導氣孔蓋 適用

Needle Free Injection Port

免針加藥口 適用

Burette Upper Lid

點滴量筒上蓋 適用

For Burette Flow Valve

點滴量筒止閥片 適用

For Drip Spike

插入針 適用

For Latex Bulb

輸液器組件 適用

For T-connector

T 型接頭 適用

For Medical Stopcock

三方活栓 適用

For Male Luer Slip

公針基 適用

For Male Luer Slip

公針基 適用

For Syringe Needle Protector

針頭環套 適用

For Burette Lower Lid with Drip Chamber

( linear feeder )