Highly customized. Smooth and Consistent. Reliable and Durable.

Vibratory feeders feed and orient parts or components of products from various industries, such as electronics, medical & hygiene, food & beverage, FMCG, automotive, cosmetics, package, metalworking, glass, foundry, pulp and paper, recycling, plastics ...... almost every industry has a need for vibratory bowl & linear feeders.

The feeder's bowl is usually customized, collaborated with extended linear track when feeding, and driven upon a drive unit controlled by a feeder controller. A well-designed vibratory feeder set is good at carefully and accurately delivering parts to the next production stage, assisting the efficient output. When installed with photoelectric / fiber optic / vision sensors, feeders can automatically start or stop feeding and carry out more difficult sorting, orienting, detection and inspection.

Torng Lih is an expert in vibratory bowl & linear feeder design and manufacture with 30+ years of experience. We deliver smooth, consistent, durable and cost-effective vibratory feeders to meet our customer's particular requirements. Our feeders have outstanding performance in parts orientation. The feeding flow is even and consistent, while the feeding speed is adjust-friendly with no harm to the parts.

Perhaps you have robotic arms on your production lines, still you might have problems of low capacity due to lack of collaborative conveying system. If that happens, a bespoke vibratory feeder set is your robotic arm's right-hand man. If you are still assessing the need of using robotic arms on your production, sometimes a bespoke vibratory feeder set helps you more than that programmable hand.

This is what we endeavor:To play an irreplaceable and indispensable part in our customer’s production line.